Thursday, 8 September 2011

Gamestation Rant

I'm not doing this to view whore, or anything like that, I'm really am p*ssed off at these guys!

In my early days as a Retro Gamer, being laughed at and all, and no store were selling them, that was until I discovered Gamestation, and they had a whole wall dedicated to Retro Games, and was so exited, I practically ran over and went to my knees, and slid over and looked at all of them, seeing if any caught my interest, for a year or so it was all good, the games were at a reasonable price and they worked fine.

... that was until recently, I'll give you the whole story, I once bought both Enter the Matrix and Matrix: Path of Neo for Xbox out of Gamestation, Enter the Matrix worked just fine, but Path of Neo was f*cked up, the audio was delayed in FMVs, some sound didn't play at all, it loads way longer than it should, even when the police officer shouts "FREEZE!" in the training mode, it took 5 minutes to load that, and the game couldn't load beyond the first level where you're trying to escape from the Agents at Neo's workplace, I bought another copy off EBay, a promotional one no less, and it didn't have these problems, so it wasn't the game itself.

I took it back, they got the disc cleaned, and guess what, it still didn't work, so I took it back again, and traded it for Halo: Combat Evolved having to pay an extra £4, due to the price being higher, and you'll never believe this, it didn't even have the disc inside the case! I spent a total of £6 for an empty case, I wasn't having it, so I took it back, and got Fable: The Lost Chapters, luckily, that worked just fine, so that was settled, I forgave Gamestation for that.

but then afterwards I took it back, I bought faulty game, after faulty game, after faulty game, and I kept falling for it every time, so I decided to give them one last chance today, and bought Sega Worldwide Soccer 97 on the Sega Saturn, I was surprised they even took Saturn Games on trade in, so I bought it, and guess what... it didn't work!

That's the last time I buy ANYTHING from those arseholes! They don't even have the decency to check if the discs are inside the cases, let alone if they work!

In fact, they don't even check if the case itself is in good condition, as in can it keep the game inside, I once saw a copy of GTA2 on PS1, and the case was the worst I've ever seen, but that was the only game that caught my eye at that point, so I picked it up, and the disc fell out the bottom!

If you were to snap a disc and sell them the smaller or most hazardous half, whichever is worse, with no case, scratched to f*ck, I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if they'd still sell it!

With that said, you're probably hoping that trading in games aren't so bad, I mean, if they'd accept anything, you can make money easily... right?

Sorry, no, they aren't much better in that department, my brother offered to trade in 6 games to save up for football boots, most of them fairly new at the time, and they only offered him just £5 for the lot, he declined, and I don't blame him. Worse even, I remember being in Gamestation once, and I overheard some guy trying to sell some retro games, and they shooed him away, saying they didn't take Retro games, despite having a whole WALL full of them!

Also, they're a bunch of stupid f*cks, I once bought WWF Warzone and WWF Attitude for Nintendo 64, for only £2 I might add, the labels say they were SNES games...

Ok, first of all, neither game was released for that console,
Second, the cartridge size difference is MASSIVE,
and third, it had the N64 logo ON the cartridge, how could they've missed that!?

When I went to the checkout, the guy there said "Sorry, I can't find a price on these SNES games.", I think this a good time a que a facepalm, don't you think?

Frankly, it's the worst store I ever visited, they're a prime example of a company that cares nothing about user satisfaction, but only for money, honestly, you'd be better off going to car boot sales, at least the games you buy there HAVE the games in the cases and, for the most part, WORK!

Oh how I wish for a proper store that sells retro games, one that actually checks if there's a disc/cartridge inside the case, if there is one, and if it works, if there's a store like that in Glasgow, could you PLEASE tell me about it?